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The Residents Against Care Home Closure Group was formed after people in some of the Local Authority homes were told by Carmarthenshire County Council Officers that their homes were to be closed and that they would have to move to other unspecified accommodations after being "re-assessed".

Even though the Residents themselves voted not to be evicted they were told that the recommendations would not be changed and that the Homes would close.

It was obvious that the Residents were distressed to lose their home and that their wishes were not being listened to mainly because they have no power due to their age.

On further investigation it was found that in fact the Council were to close a number of Residential Care Homes that they owned evicting 175 vulnerable elderly people to save money and for no other reason.

As moving elderly people is deemed to shorten the lives of 30% of the residents through Transfer Trauma it was decided to form a group to protect their interests - rachc.

Fortunately due to some extensive lobbying the "Consultation Document" was not accepted by the "Social Care and Housing Srutiny Committee" and the political process has been delayed for 6 months but the fight goes on.........