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Please leave messages on the site about how you believe the Council

are handling the Residential Care for the Vulnerable Elderly

Jayne Wood said on Mar 14, 2011 11:03 PM

I hope someone can give us some advice - or point us in the right directions. In Sheffield, we have a similar problem in that the NHS want to withdraw funding the nursing staff of 2 very important nursing homes, which house 100 residents with challenging Alzheimers and dementure. Many residents have already been ejected from private nursing homes and many have cruel and horrendous stories to tell, with the photos to prove, as the private homes could not deal with them without the use of strong drugs. We are in a consultation period ending in May. Many residents' families are old and bewildered. We have an online petition and paper petitions. Can anyone give any further advice?

Clematised said on Mar 11, 2011 4:12 AM

Great News, good luck for the future from the BBC Family History Board

marie thomas said on Mar 1, 2011 3:33 AM

A wonderful outcome , nothing less than the residents and the people of llanelli deserve Many have worked tirelessly to achieve this result but a special mention to Derek,Stephanie and John Jenkins for the important part they played.There is somebody greater than Meryl Gadaffi!

rd said on Feb 28, 2011 11:36 PM

well done everyone.. the right thing has been done at last. I was so happy to hear that caemaen is staying open and council run , but also that st pauls is re-opening.. heres to the future and people getting the best care posible.. :-)

Myra Gravelle said on Feb 26, 2011 1:05 PM

The closure of Caemaen Day Centre is devastating. My father has been going there almost every weekday since July 2009 following a stroke which has left him with cognitive impairment. After speaking with Social Services I have already been told that he seems to fall into the 'inbetween' category. (Their words not mine). Although he cannot live or go out independantly and needs general supervision and reminding to do things, it seems he is classed as low to moderate dependancy as he manages his own personal care. The type of care my father has with the excellent staff at Caemaen has significantly improved his mental health and has been a lifeline to us both. He is extremely worried as he knows he will be totally dependant on the family without the support of Caemaen where is is happy and settled and has many friends. I am told we will have the opportunity to discuss 'options' at a meeting. It seems these options will involve independent lunch clubs. How does he get there? Who will supervise him? Who will he sit with? Will the others go after they have had lunch leaving him on his own wondering what to do as I understand these types of lunch clubs are for elderly people who would turn up on their own and leave on their own when they feel like it. No one can tell me when this meeting will be so we are now left anxious and frustrated with no idea of when the day centre is closing. Do 'they' have any idea how unsettling this is for someone who struggles daily to remember things but takes great comfort out of the daily routine of getting ready every morning to wait for the bus to take him to see his friends. I am devastated for them all.

S.Davies said on Sep 23, 2010 11:27 PM

I was at the public meeting on monday night and it has to be said what the officers said in response to the questions were just a load of poor excuses that nobody believed.They must think we are all stupid it is plain to see what is going on.It will be a disgrace if the councillors vote for this,there should be an overwhelming NO to closing these homes in llanelli town centre where the residents have access to town and nearby facilities.Carry on the good work rachc.

Wayne Pritchard said on Jul 27, 2010 4:13 PM

The closure of our Care Homes in Llanelli is disgraceful. I agree that there is obviously a public debt to reduce, but if this were a household debt, you would not starve your own children in paying this off. What the Council seems to forget is that they are affected people's lives and people that are very much vulnerable in their old age. My own grandparents have led very active lives and still remained human beings in the old age. Why is our society so intent on treating our vulnernable elderly population as second class citizens. Also, if the country is n such a debt, why don't we sell the banks we bought, and don't forget their share price is now higher than what we paid for them.

Lynne Peckham said on Jul 18, 2010 10:10 PM

As a former member of staff at Caemaen I feel very annoyed at the statement made by Sheila Porter as reported by the star newspaper, it is clear that she doesn,t have a clue what she is talking about. Caemaen was using hoists in the rooms on a daily basis when I was a member of staff there which was for about 11 years ,if Sheila Porter was remotely interested in what she is doing she should at least get her facts right. Is this what the council are paying her wages for. I personally would like to challenge her to go to Caemaen and see for herself the staff using the hoist in the very rooms that she is talking about I myself would be quite willing to meet her there and demonstrate this myself as I know that what she is stating is completly untrue.This must be a cover up for the real reason for the proposals.

Lynne Jones said on Jul 16, 2010 8:46 PM

I agree with everything sandra fiddy said,the council have their priorities wrong and as for Sheila Porter stating that the rooms that are not in use in caemaen because of size and the use of hoists is a load of rubbish. The room sizes are approx the same and hoists are used and have always been used in caemaen. If this statement were true how is the plas and the bwythyn allowed to remain in use as their rooms are of the same size, i know this to be true as my father was resident at the bwythyn until two years ago until he passed away.It seems to me that the council want caemaen for another purpose as it is in town why else would the plan have changed from closing the plas to the proposed closure of caemaen,probably because the plas is too far out of town for their planned use, you can,t believe a word they say ,roll on county council elections to get rid of the rot that has set in the council.

jon webster said on Jul 13, 2010 4:50 PM

I think what the council is doing is a violation of the,peoples rite . I work in the case profession and they av a right too live in comfort to ,they paid there taxes like everyone else ,so the council should leave them alone to live the rest of there life in peace and quiet

Sandra Fiddy said on Jul 13, 2010 4:10 AM

I emailed the leader of the Council stating that I think they should get rid of some of the high paid executives who are paid far more than they are worth Don;t these so called Councillors realise that the Care homes are the the homes of the Residents. My Mum has had to go into a Nursing care home as she needed 24 hr care after the hospital informed us that we wouldn;t be able to look after her at home. She has had to go into a Private Care Home. At least it is one that doesn;t have a top up fee and is only 20 miles away from her family. It is about time the councillors listened to the voice of the people as they are the ones that voted for them in the first place.

s george said on Jul 13, 2010 3:59 AM

glanmarlais has the best reputation in the area also tegfan,we deliver brilliant care and clients have the best ,they go out on trips ,get choices of food and personel care,other homes of which have not so good reputation they stay open does nt make sense to me but we will fight on to keep these places open ,our clients cannot look after them selves at all so the change would not make them happy at all its their home you taking from them.

C Edwards said on May 29, 2010 0:19 AM

Here we go again Merel Gravelle dictating to councillors how to vote ,there is no democracy within the county council what do we need councillors for if they don,t have the freedom to vote as they see fit.It is a form of blackmail on Merel Gravelles part regarding services as she knows full well there are no plans for a facility like Annedd in the llanelli town area .Come on county councillors show what your worth.

sandy lee said on Apr 24, 2010 10:29 PM

hi there i live in birmingham.,and myself and all my collegues are as of the 5th of april working our notice ,on the 27th of june our council home shuts and our council have run out of money to replace our home and many like it that has already closed...we have been made thoughts are with you all in the same circumstances..but let me tell you now,,,,,no matter how many public protests you all make...your council has signed and sealed the deal believe will have birmingham and all over britain our goverment do not care a hoot about our elderly..and it is all going to be privatised at some stage in the near mark my words ..they will give you a load of old flannel convincing at times to....but like you we protested and it got us no where..good luck cos ..unison..couldnt stop it neither will your unions .

Lynne Jones said on Apr 1, 2010 9:47 PM

How disgusting it is to see the carmarthenshire county council,s senior managers salaries printed in the evening post today.We all exept that the bosses earn a good salary but these are obscene amounts of money in relation to the employees that work for them on a measly six pound odd an hour.The council is top heavy with management ,this should be reduced and the money saved would go some way to saving the residential care homes that are under threat,shame on the councillors if they allow this to happen to our elderly.It is about time the people of carmarthenshire woke up to what the officers of the county are should be the councillors making these decisions based on what the electorate is telling them which is loud and clear keep residential care homes open and in house which is what was promised years ago.

A Rogers said on Mar 21, 2010 5:52 PM

I agree with everything that has been already said,i think one essential thing is to be rid of the present administration at carmarthenshire county council, the worst thing labour could have done was to form an alliance with the independant group that is why we are facing cuts on our most vulnerable elderly.Sadly we have to wait until the next county council elections to have the chance to vote them out,so i suppose we have to put our faith in plaid and labour putting aside their differences and voting together against any care home closures and also that correct procedures are followed and that this issue is put before full council when the time comes. good luck with your campaign A Rogers

carol edwards said on Mar 19, 2010 0:05 AM

congrats to rachc on your campaign to keep caemaen open as a care home. if the elderly are made to stay in their own homes and only have home care they will have no stimulus or company for 22 out of 24 hours.shame on carmarhenshire county council officers and councillors bruce mclernon and sheila porter for their proposals and these councillors need to watch the way they vote because WE are watching.

J Richards said on Mar 17, 2010 10:59 PM

I am totally disgusted with the council and the labour member Pat Jones who endorsed the proposal for the closure of the two llanelli care homes.I hope the public will remember this when it comes to voting.After all we vote so that we can be represented in such important matters such as this'it seems to me that the only party really listening to what the people want is plaid and a few labour members who have pledged their support as for the independant group well they are not independant at all they just hide behind their leader, this comes over clearly as anyone that has gone and sat in the public gallery in county hall will know.Many people that voted for the independant candidates did so because they believed they were truly independant making up their own minds 'but this is not so and come the next county council elections i say with many others lets get rid of them and have a party such as plaid to represent us in county hall. J Richards

Mrs B Jones said on Mar 9, 2010 11:10 PM

I am puzzled that carmarthenshire county council are saying that there is no demand for .residential care beds. I know a number of people that work within the care sector, nurses, social workers,etc and they all voice the opinion that the beds are badly needed and are quite frustrated that they are finding it so difficult to get the individuals past the so called bed panel or scrutiny commitee .Is it any wonder when the very people that recomend home closures also sit on the bed panel,surely this is a conflict of interest it should not be allowed as these people can turn down the people that want residential care even after they have been assessed by the social workers,why do they need social work assessments if they are being discarded.Good luck to any social workers willing to put up a fight for what they know is right and good luck rachc. mrs b jones

A R Edwards said on Feb 28, 2010 11:05 PM

I think c.c.c. has it,s priorities all wrong,after reading the evening post this week it appears saving the community news and the like is more important than saving the care homes or the transport for schoolchildren,i believe the leader of the council rides around in a chauffer driven car for everythingIt,s about time the people of carmarthenshire see the council for what they are and get rid of them, we need a whole new administration.Bruce Mclernon and his team repeatedly change their minds about the way the service is run such as the 2002/2003 plan for the modernisation and extension of caemaen now suddenly they want to close a lovely home with real warmth about it. I know as i visited regularly over a period of two years when my grandfather was a resident there it was a real home from home.GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR CAMPAIGN RACHC . A R Edwards

Nerys Evans AM /AC said on Feb 26, 2010 1:44 PM

I and my fellow colleges in Plaid Cymru are 100% supportive of your campaign. I was born and bred in Llangain near Carmarthen and so I know first hand of the first class services provided by both Argel and Tawelan care homes for a great many years. These homes are well respected institutions in Carmarthen, and should continue to serve the community. Please add me as a supporter to your campaign. I understand that this is a matter for the local Council, but am willing to help in any way possible.

Nick Bourne AM said on Feb 25, 2010 9:08 PM

I wrote to Carmarthenshire County Council to express my concerns about these care home closures and to emphasise the point that this causes considerable inconvenience and upset to residents and their families.I hope the full Council considers this matter very carefully to ensure the needs of these vulnerable people are protected.

C Edwards said on Feb 23, 2010 0:52 AM

I am disgusted with the officers of the county council and its leaders remarks concerning the closure of caemaen and st pauls, its alright with the large salaries they are on,why don,t they give up some of their salaries to save money.I hope all the councillors think long and hard about their decision as no care home is safe not even in areas they represent.Vote against closure of these homes or they had better watch their seats including the likes of meriel gravell at the next election. Good luck with your campaign C arol Edwards

Cllr Sian Caiach said on Feb 22, 2010 5:12 PM

I believe the policy of these home closures decided by the Council Officers is not what residents and their relatives want or need. Of course we need every opportunity for support in our own homes as we get older but some very frail or confused people just cannot be managed at home and need 24 hr backup, not at the end of a telephone but closeby for immediate help. I have not seen the detailed financial argument for closing care homes, I beleive the decision to close these homes may have been ahead of the sums and on long term policy grounds accelerated by the recession. Factoring in the redundancy payments of staff and their loss of income with very poor job prospects, distress to residents, their relatives and friends, the cost of new build individual care appartments and any failures of care resulting from the "floating" support, the actual cash savings must be very poor. Many councils want to offload their care homes and some have done so, with only private provision available. I am sure that is what is going on here. There is no evidence that private care homes are any more comfortable than council run homes and I am aware that many of my constituents have made quite an effort to get their relatives in Council run homes rather than Private ones. But they are cheaper as their staff do not usually enjoy the pay and conditions (holidays,pensions etc) of council staff and the fees to the council are less per head than their own homes. I am especially concerned that residents may be unduly stressed by the proposed move to new homes and may even die prematurely as has happened in many other care home closures. This is not local democracy. Although we have a "task and finish " group of councillors looking at the issue, someof whom are responsive to the issue and really care about the outcome, a campaign such as yours is needed especially as much of the information presented will come from the very people whose idea it was to close the homes. Please ask for the opportunity to address the T&F committee and send its members information. Task and finish committees are notorious for being used to put off unpopular decisions rather than being unbiased scrutiny bodies. I am sure this will not happen in this case as your excellen t campaign will keepthe real issues in the minds of the councillors involved.

Alan Speake said on Feb 22, 2010 3:59 PM

I am totally against the closures of our marvellous Care Homes and I as a political group all Plaid County Clls voted in the Chamber to delay the closures with the solid support of a number of Labour County Cllrs. EVERY ONE of the Independent County Councillors opposed the stance of the Plaid group and Labour Cllrs in the Chamber that day (except one - Cllr John Jones!)and apparently they will continue to do so! There will be a huge increase of elderly people overthe next 5 years and beyond in the future -LDP (Local Development Plan) for the County of Carmarthenshire a figure of 13,470 additional new dwellings are planned by the same local authority who now proposes to close our Care Homes. With two new residents per household this will increase the population of the County by at least 25.000 more people with zero planned increases - so I have been told - in expenditure in our vital public servics including the local NHS and Social Servies etc; This is absolutely senseless and will appear to many to be a callous uncaring way to treat our elderly frail people - many who have worked all of their lives paying taxes to fund our vital public services. We will actually need more Care Homes in the future and not less! Alan.

Huw Lewis, Cynghorydd Sir, Ward LLiedi. said on Feb 22, 2010 3:03 PM

'Rwy'n eich cefnogi bob cam i gadw'r Cartrefi ar agor a rhwystro Cyngor Sir Gar i'w cau - gweithred cwbl annerbyniol er mwyn arbed arian, gwell inni i gyd dalu mwy o dreth Cyngor na cau caretrefi os hynny yw'r dewis? Ymlaen a'r frwydr. Huw Lewis.

s.a. davies said on Feb 21, 2010 11:03 PM

I was appalled to hear of the councils plans for the two care homes in llanelli,the cuts are on the most vulnerable in our society.I am nearing retirement age myself and of course i would like to remain in my own home while my health allows but if my health should fail i would rather go into a care home than to be ill ,lonely and afraid and i would like this to be near the town centre rather than out of town.Ithink this is essential for those that have always lived near to town,so that they can make use of the lovely facilities close at hand.I am heartened to see the support of some of the councillors for the homes and as for those who don,t support which seem to be mainly the independant group they want to think on,they are selected to represent the public not to bow to their leaders wishes,so come on independants stand up and be counted. S A Davies

Carl Lucas said on Feb 19, 2010 2:56 PM

The campaign that RACHC is engaged in to save and protect these essential services for what is surely the most vulnerable section in our society is one that I, as both Leader of the Town Council and Regional Official for Unite the Union, fully endorse. To put financial resources before essential services for those who cannot care for themselves is appalling, particularly when so much is seen to be wasted in so many areas. The work that you and the committee are doing to reverse this threat musty be applauded and I wish you every success together with my pledge to assist you in any way that I am able to.

Deryk said on Feb 17, 2010 6:25 AM

Best of Luck with your campaign

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