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How can you help?

Well it is quite easy really - Contact your Councillor or you can contact the Leader of the Council -Meryl Gravell:

Ring:     01554 810634

Email:[email protected]

Ask them why they are willing to put money before people's lives?

Or you can ring the Complaints Line of Carmarthenshire County Council and tell them to record that you do not agree with what is going on... Ring them on 01267 234567

Ring them, email them, send them a letter and tell them that this is not what you or Carmarthenshire want....... Their address are available on this web site - look at "Councillor's Adresses"

Please sign the Guest Book - add a comment with your views.....

If you want more information or would like to be involved in helping us to

get a better policy for the future, email us on [email protected]

Look at the Cards and Brochures, which if you "Double Click" on them "Right Mouse Click" on the picture you can Copy it to word and print them out.....

pass them on to your friends and colleagues.........

All your help is needed and will be gratefully accepted.......Many Thanks......